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Celine von Knbelsdorff - Initiatorin Kultur steht auf

Celine von Knobelsdorff

Initiatorin und Autorin

The connection to creative strength that breathes life into everything lives in all aspects of cultural effect. A Sound, a colour, a movement, a thought, a word, an image, a sculputure – artistic creations make humans transparent and at the same time are a snapshot of our flow with the great spirit

The directly experienced creation brings us into contact with our own vividness, opens individual access to creativity, communicates our identity and opens the door to our soul.

Culture stands up: Those who stand up no longer remain in place
Culture stands up: whoever stands up, reveals themself in their greatness
culture stands up: Whoever stands up sees more

The educational commitment of the free state of Sachsen section 2.3 “Theater and concert visits make a large contribution to muscial education which is essential for the education of children and young adults.

Cultural Education concerns the holistic development of the senses as an essential compliment to knowledge transfer. The engagement with the arts has been proven to have considerable influence on the social behaviour, the social competence  and the development of democratic mindset and structure.

go forward together

We know what we are doing is right. We are following our inner calling and with it that which is in our hearts. The journey consists of all the steps of those who go with us.

The result awakes from our active cooperation it lives with and through us. Perhaps an as yet unknown aristic compilation will result, which will also contribute to commercial indepence. In particular the creativity shows us the multitude of possibilites who strength can only be realised and used through community connection.