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My Name is Céline von Knobelsdorff and I am the founder of culture stands up.

I have taken many steps in this life and each one of them built on the immense potential of creative development from childhood on.

When I look at myself in my inner and outer home I find treasures everywhere in the form of painted canvas, photography, books, sculptures, wooden creations … none of which were ever designed to be an achievement or to please others. They could simply exist.

Above all they contributed to my existence growing as a life of art.

One day all of my talents channelled their way tinot my daily actions  – and they remain a rich source to this day. Writing became my tool, my connection to great creativity, my escape in times of mental hardship.

Over the years I recognised that through a wise hand I had discovered a tool that accompanied my through unforseen crises – and accomplished works that built bridges to the heart of other persons.

Art and culture is the heart of a society and our immersion in it nourishes our soul life.

This inheritance does not only apply for myself and my son but for all people. The direct experience of creation is the connection for all of us to the creative vitality in whose quintessence the unconditional love and riches of pure job are at home.

Our world needs this more than ever

With my initative culture stands up I am once again following the call of my heart, my intuition and with that also the great wisdom.


1971: born in Munich

Dama Studies, Music and Philosphy in Mainz

various tasks in the media (ZDF) and advertising sector

2004 founding of my own business Creative Visual Knowledge text, presentation, PR and consulting

Seit 2009  also psychological consultatnt with personal focus on soul training: Handling emotions, maintining integrity, integration and advacnement of intuitive knowledge.

2017 The textbook Intuition for rationalists. More knowledge for the couragous appeared was published in 2017

2019 her first volume of poetry “Als ich träumte” was published

Since the begin of the large crisis in society in 2020 Céline von Knobelsdorff has dedicated herself expecially to publishing texts on various platforms and engagement to preserve our culture. To this end the initative culture stands up was founded in November.

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