Culture is the heart of a society

We are here to keep it beating – with you and for you!

Visibility – Exchange – Activity – New Ways

The initiative

Culture has overcome many worldwide crises – lets get together here because together we remain inspired, motivated and content.

Our main goal is to keep the essense of art and culture alive by exhausting every possibilty.


We focus on the beauty, the powerful the lively which lives within art and culture because especially in this time it is the nourishment for our soul. This is why it is vital that it is visible and can be experienced. This is the platform for it.


We connect helping voices and thoughts to maintain our cultural assets. The path out of the crisis must differ from the path that led to it. This is why we need the interdisciplinary approach, the collection of ideas as a handhold on new paths.


We make ourselves strong for collaborative projects, find together ways to keep art close, our hearts touchable, the togetherness analog. Share your ideas with us so that they can be implemented and also encourage others.

new ways

We know were are doing the right thing. We follow our inner calling and therefore what is close to many hearts. The path is formed by the steps of everbody who accompanies us.